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Melissa & Huiling

I could not thank Willy and the team at LiveStudios enough.

My guests were super impressed with the photos taken. Many of them have changed their social media profile pictures to those taken by Willy. This alone says a lot about how well taken the photos are. What’s more, the photos were ready that very evening (mine was a lunch reception) with no need for any edits. A link was given to access the photos. This was very convenient for my guests and me. No need to wait weeks or months for the photos to be ready. I’ve helped many friends and relatives with their weddings and this is the first time where photos of the event day can be ready on the day itself.

The instant print was great. I used this to replace the wedding favours as it’s more practical. It’s part of the event guests can bring home with them for memories and they are in the photos too. The assistants were very efficient in passing the printed photos to the guests. The guests can get many photos taken and it’s all included in the package.

The live projection meant we didn’t have to worry too much what goes on the screen. We didn’t have to plan too many programs on our rundown. The guests were surprised to see themselves on the screen almost immediately after their photos were taken. It was great entertainment for everyone.

Willy was early to the venue to set up. He did so quietly and very quickly. I was surprised he came so early. Willy also brought whatever (laptop, cables) he needed to project the live images. We didn’t have to worry about any connectors. He was super well prepared. This showed the team and he were very experienced. He even proposed a better position (where he’s not in the way of anyone [service staff nor guests]) for his printers and team.

Willy made everyone felt at ease when being photographed. There wasn’t any awkward moments (most of us are not models hence might be unnatural in front of the camera). He also captured very precious moments candidly. The emotions were wonderfully captured and now lived forever in our phones and hard drives.

Willy also suggested where we should stand at the end of the event so it better capture images of guests leaving. The end results are photos where a beautiful story was told.

Ease of communication
The form on the website was easy to fill in and reply from the company was prompt. Instructions were clear. The designer was very accommodating as we can be rather picky with our design of the photo card. We changed font and colour and placement multiple times. The designer was patient and listened to what we wanted. We were very pleased with the final product.

We would recommend Willy anytime for any event. I didn’t actually have to ‘sell’ Willy. His work speaks for him. My guests were already asking for his contact for their events.

Once again, thank you Willy and LiveStudios!