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Record shoots in a day
Record shoots in a year

Live Photography

One or more of our photographers are equipped with professional digital cameras with wireless transmitters. Immediately after the photos are taken, the photographer chooses the best shot to send and it gets projected onto the screen within seconds. (If live projection is chosen). Within minutes, we will print out credit card sized photocards for each person in the photo and our staff will distribute the photos personally to the guests
  • $200/hr – Event Photographer
  • $350/hr – Senior Photographer
  • $500/hr – Master Photographer
  • $750/hr – Founding Photographer

An event photographer may be a new or part-time photographer which has gone through a rigorous vetting process. Their quality should be much higher than your regular photographer already.

A senior photographer would have trained with us for at least a year and is qualified to do Live Photography. Meaning he is able to shoot accurately and project live to screen without editing.  He will also have acquired the skills to setup and troubleshoot a Live Photography setup and manage a team.

Our master photographer (Jonathan Wijaya) has more than 10 years of experience and is able to entertain and engage the audience.

Our founding photographer (Willy Foo) has 20 years of experience and is the architect of Live Photography. His black and white candids is very popular for Live Projection

Tell us as soon as you have the date so that we can mark it down first. We shoot about 700 events yearly but we have the capability to do 4 concurrent shoots with our current staffing. On weekends and hot dates on weekdays we are often fully booked for multiple shoots months and on rarer occasions a year or two in advance. We do have limited teams available and as much as we would hate to, we do reject quite a bit of shoots as we can’t run our resources so thin that it potentially jeopardises a job. We do require a deposit however to secure the booking.
A. Deposit is typically 50% of the full price rounded off to the nearest $100 and will be required to confirm the booking. Payment may be made via bank transfer or Paynow. Remember to indicate your name and date of event in the remarks when making the paynow or bank transfer.

Paynow : UEN 201111061H
Bank Transfer : DBS Current Account 011-903570-6
Account Name : LiveStudios Photography Pte Ltd
Bank Name : DBS (Development Bank Of Singapore)

Yes, we will be able to shoot journalistic, documentary, performances, VIPs, setup photos etc on top of the candid, portrait & posed photos to be printed for the guests. 1 photographer can generally handle all these for up to 300 guests. For larger events, it is recommended to add another photographer to cater to the response from the crowd.
We work with several videography partners and forge a good working synergy with them.

Charges are typically $300/hr + $700 for a 2min edit

2 Changes to the edited video are Included
Additional minute at $500
Additional change at $500

Video Live Feed to venue projectors are at $100/hr
Video LiveStreaming to online platforms are at $400/hr


Instant Prints

Photocard 91mm x 55mm4R 6in x 4in A4 297mm x 210mm
Compare Photocard, 4R and A4 sizes

The current credit card sized photocard is 2R (91mm x 55mm), the next size up is 4R (6in x 4in)/(15.24cm x 10.16cm) which is the standard photo lab prints that everyone is familiar with. Most people prefer the photocards because it’s easy to fit into the wallet or display on fridges, partitions etc.

  • Photocards are fit into wallets (Guests to bend 4R photos in their pockets)
  • Photocards are 3x faster to print compared to 4R
  • Back of photocards can be customised
  • Photocards costs much less than 4R

From our experience, the credit cards size photocards are much better for client (branding and costs) and for the guests (speed, fun factor and keep value). With events that has printing 4R only, the guests that have been to our events tend to miss at not having photocard prints to keep it in their wallets.

If you opt for our standard photocards, we do not keep a cap on the number of photocards printed. We let the printers print as fast as it can. For a 4 hr event with 2 photocard printers, it can generate up to 600 photocards. If you anticipate you’ll need more than that, more printers will have to be added. For custom photocards, we will need to pre-print the back of the photocards and thus will be limited to the number of custom photocards ordered. When the custom cards run out you can choose to

  1. Stop printing (not recommended as many guests will be disappointed)
  2. Print on blank cards (will be charged at $50 / 100 cards)
  3. Print on LiveStudios standard cards (unlimited and no extra charge)
Let us know the Name of the event/text/colour/font/images/motif/High-res logo(if any) that you would prefer for the photo banner design. A reference of any invites/marketing collaterals would be great.

You may take a look at some of the samples for reference and let us know which styles u prefer.
eg. Use the design of W36 but use the font from W42

Polaroids are crude devices with no control over any camera settings and printed on a low quality paper that generally fades in a year or two.

Photocards are high quality prints that are shot with professional cameras by experienced photographers. With photocards you can have multiple copies, soft copy and many other advantages over polaroids.

There are 3 choices of card backs

LiveStudios Cardback
LiveStudios Cardback
  • LiveStudios Cardback
  • Custom Cardback
  • Blank Cardback

With LiveStudios cardbacks, it’s only available in photocard size (91 x 55mm). We don’t charge for the paper since it has our information at the back of the photo and there is already a 50% discount off the rental of printers included in the price.

Custom cardbacks are only available for photocard size (91 x 55mm) and we require a 2 weeks lead time to print them. After the quantity of cards run out, you may choose to print on blank cardbacks at $50/100pcs or use our LiveStudios cardbacks (unlimited)

For events up to 300 pax standing / 1000 pax sitting, we are able to distribute the photocards to the guests personally. Beyond this number, we would have to advise guests to collect the photos themselves from a counter.
We will just need 1 power outlet within 3m of the printing table as we will bring our own power extension.
A typical setup at 2 printers and 1 printing laptop draws 108W of power.

Laptop : 52W
Printer: 28 W * 2

From our experience, guests self-collecting without having distributors does not work.

When the number of undistributed photos piles up, it gets harder and harder to find photos. Therefore the photos need to be distributed as soon as possible to prevent piling up. Photo distributors are usually part-timers and this doesn’t affect the costs as it’s a complimentary service we provide.