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Is Live Projection a good choice to entertain your guests?

As inventors of Live Photography – Live Projection and Instant Prints with 20 years experience in Singapore, LiveStudios is qualified to help you curate a magical experience for your guests.

Photographer projects photos live onto the big screen

Surprise your guests with candid and posed shots flashed on the big screen. Great event entertainment option

7 reasons Live Projection is great event entertainment

  1. Live Entertainment – Live Projection creates real-time entertainment by projecting photos taken by our professional photographers to the big screen.
  2. Unique Experience – Create a memorable experience for your guests with Live Projection that they talk about even long after the event.
  3. Immersive Experience –  Everyone sees what’s happening at different parts of the venue and even what happened before they arrived.
  4. Encourage Participation – Guests are not just passive observers of the event but active participants. Even shy guests tend to open up when they see consistently good photos on the screen.
  5. Natural Candids – Other than posed group photos, our natural candid shots tend to bring smiles to guests as they see great photos of themselves and friends. Our black and white candids are a favourite.
  6. Liven up the AtmosphereLive Photography adds a touch of excitement and energy to the event.  This very often helps to carry an otherwise boring event.
  7. Interactive Photography – It’s exciting for guests to see their photos on the big screen. Additionally, our digital guestbook option enables guests to share their personalized messages on the screens.

Pioneers of Live Photography in Singapore since 2003

  1. Experienced – 20 years of experience in shooting high-profile weddings, ministerial events, VVIPs, and celebrities in Singapore and around the world. Thus, We have the experience to handle events of all sizes.
  2. Professionalism – Our founder comes from one of the most respected F&B consultancies in Singapore (Peter Knipp Holdings). Thus, he brings a high level of professionalism and a service mentality to photography as a service.
  3. Innovation – We invented Live Photography in 2003 and have pioneered Live Projection and Instant Prints.  This was even before wireless technology was available to cameras.
  4. Stringent Criteria – Our senior photographers are carefully selected and go through rigorous training for at least a year. This equips them with skills to lead a team, shoot accurately without editing, troubleshoot issues, and handle challenging scenarios. Undoubtedly, you are in good hands.
  5. Backup Contingencies – We prepare multiple sets of equipment, a team of experienced staff, who are ready to handle any emergencies. In other words, you are assured with backup contingencies that your event runs smoothly.
  6. No Compromise on Quality – Extensive tests on equipment, inks, and paper assure high-quality results and prints. Consequently, we have conducted our longevity tests and found that there is no replacement for original inks and high-quality paper.

Let guests re-live the memories they had at events like

  • Wedding Dinners or Lunches
  • Company Dinner & Dance
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Birthday Parties
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Live Projection Singapore

Live Projection and Instant Prints can only be done by senior photographers or above

  • Experienced to shoot accurately on camera for Live Projection
  • Photos need to be accurate and entertaining to be projected on screens
  • Trained to shoot in difficult lighting situations
  • Senior photographers have at least 1 year of experience
  • Master photographer has 10 years of experience
  • Founding photographer has 20 years of experience

Live Projection is an excellent way to keep your guests entertained and engaged, while also helping them create unforgettable memories. Add on our pocketable photocards instant prints which are likely to stay in their wallets, becoming a great talking point when they share their experience with family and friends.

Customer testimonials for instant prints

Great Entertainment for Everyone

I could not thank Willy and the team at LiveStudios enough.

My guests were super impressed with the photos taken. Many of them have changed their social media profile pictures to those taken by Willy. This alone says a lot about how well taken the photos are. What’s more, the photos were ready that very evening (mine was a lunch reception) with no need for any edits. (more…)

Melissa & Huiling

Extremely Professional, Creative & Fun

Willy was a highlight at our event and drew countless positive comments with his perfect timing and live projection that kept guests entertained and integrated throughout. His rich experience, good humour, efficiency and diligence (turned up much earlier than expected to make sure his station was properly set up) calmed our nerves and gave us great assurance. Exceptionally friendly too!

Rafael And Christina

High-Quality, Interactive & Professional

Thank you so much to Willy and team for your photography and live projection services – our guests loved how well the photos turned out and were really impressed with the immediate live projection as well as the printing of the photos on-the-spot! Really professional and top-notch! Thank you for giving our event an oomph!

Eileen Kang - Foundation Healthcare - Instant Prints & Live Projection

Instant prints were a fantastic touch

Willy shot our wedding and we recommended him to our friends for their wedding after that. On both occasions the photography was excellent, the Live Projection was a great talking point, and the prints were a fantastic touch! I highly recommend this service 🙂

Jasmin - Photo Booth Service & Instant Prints Were A Fantastic Touch

Fresh Form of Entertainment

Projecting the photos immediately on screen around the event is a fresh idea. Not only does it entertain guests, but it also livens up the atmosphere as they hang out with each other.

Willy has a knack for capturing the right moments and encapsulates the raw emotions of the moment. The positive reviews from our guests affirmed my decision to hire LiveStudios.

PwC Singapore Risk Services Bash

Amazing Experience, Lasting Memories

In addition to fun posed photography and candid shots, what really adds a special dimension is the live projection of photographs onto our large screens

Their pictures appearing on the big screen just seconds after taking them is something that people love. Furthermore, they continue to rotate through the evening! I couldn’t ask for a better partner for photography.

Ian Parkinson Chieftain Singapore St. Andrew's Society

Pictures Come Alive

Willy has an eye for detail and composition. He always managed to capture stunning shots where the pictures come alive.

The team is very professional and never fails to take extra effort to understand our requirements for the photoshoots. Highly recommended for their exceptional photography service. Best instant prints in Singapore!

Photo Booth Services & Instant Prints At Microsoft Partner Awards Singapore

Live Projection was a Big Hit

Willy & his team are absolutely wonderful! He helped capture 2 wedding days with such professionalism and kindness. The live projection was a big hit for the night, and the photo prints were such a lovely takeaway for all our guests and us. I could not recommend them more

Vincent & Sangeetha - Live Projection Was A Bit Hit, Photo Prints Were Such A Lovely Takeaway

Wonderful Experience!

Amber and I love all the photos taken by Zhi Sheng. Many of our guests were impressed with the live projection concept, roving photo instant printing and the efficiency on the photo distribution by Bill and his team too.

Continue to keep up the good work! Will definitely recommend Livestudios to friends and families!

Darren & Amber - Many Of Our Guests Were Impressed With The Live Projection Concept, Roving Photo Instant Printing And The Efficiency On The Photo Distribution

Livens up the Entire Atmosphere

Everyone was raving that the photographer and live projection were such an incredible idea that livens up the entire atmosphere.

Thank you to Fana and team for the seamless transaction as well. It is so easy and convenient to engage LiveStudios!

Instant Prints Singapore - Photocards in hands

Instant Prints

Delight your guests with high quality instant prints. Pocketable photocards or 4R sizes available.

Live Projection on Big Screen in Singapore

Live Projection

Surprise your guests with candid and posed shots flashed on the big screen. Great event entertainment option

Photobooth vs Roving Photography -background option - blue shimmer

Photobooth vs Roving

Compare the differences between photobooth vs roving photography. Explore a photobooth as an add-on