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Live Photography

Experience the magic of Live Photography

Entertaining Live Projection

Photos are projected within seconds from our WIFI enabled cameras. Keep guests delighted with the slideshow of candid, posed and event photos.

Pocketable Photocards

Wallet sized instant prints are given to guests within minutes with your custom logo and design. These tend to stay in wallets as cherished keepsakes

Wireless Photography Pioneer

With 20 years of experience in many high profile events, have an ease of mind knowing we have you covered. Professional, efficient and fuss-free.

Upgrade from a Photobooth

Most guests are too shy for a photo booth. Let our roving photographers come to them and shoot with the ambience and decorations of the venue!

Immediate Gratification

We shoot accurately in vivid colours and do not require editing. Guests get their photo prints fast and you get a thumbdrive at the end of the event.

Unique Event Experience

Surprise and entertain guests with the magic of Live Photography. Guests remember and share their memories with friends long after the event.

Pioneering Live Photography, Live Projection and Instant Prints since 2003

Instant printing services are perfect as memorable take-home gifts. In addition, when combined with live projection to entertain guests, they are sure to have a great time and create cherished memories. We flash the photos on the screen within seconds and distribute them personally within minutes so guests can enjoy themselves. The pocketable photocards are likely to stay in their wallets, thus becoming a great talking point when they share their experience with family and friends. Furthermore, we insist on using inkjet printers for the highest quality prints that last for 100 years.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, EY and PwC are among the hundreds of companies that trust LiveStudios as their photography partner. In addition to shooting numerous high-profile events, we have also entertained heads of state, celebrities, and other VVIPs worldwide in the last 20 years.

Instant Prints

Delight your guests with high quality instant prints. Pocketable photocards or 4R sizes available.

Live Projection

Surprise your guests with candid and posed shots flashed on the big screen. Great event entertainment option

Photobooth vs Roving

Compare the differences between photobooth vs roving photography. Explore a photobooth as an add-on