ADT Golf Championship 2012

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Sunday golf on a sunny day at the ADT Golf Caps Championship 2012 held at Laguna Golf Course.

We were able to be there to capture your perfect swing and print it out to place on your trophy shelf.

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Launch of Trinity Store

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Trinity are opening a store in Singapore and for their launch party they are bring retro back with a polaroid looking photos.

A simple and clean design to provide beautiful framing for your photographs.

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Audi Fashion Festival 2012 Timelapse

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The timelapse started on 14/05/2012 and ended on 24/05/2012.

54,343 photos taken from 8 camera angles over 11 days.

Official YouTube Singapore Launch

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YouTube Singapore has opened!

To make it a rememberable night a customized print was created in a contact sheet style which combined three photos framed by a film strip.

Interesting! Fun! Entertaining!

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Chinese New Year at Resorts World Sentosa

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Over the Chinese New Year weekend last month, the LiveStudios team was preparing for a massive celebration at Resorts World Sentosa.  Over the 2 days, there were 5,000 guests being hosted in Singapore’s largest column-free ballroom!











VitaminWater Launch at ION Sky

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The past few months had been really hectic for us, as we march into our usual peak period from September – December. This year, once again, we’ve made a record of having 9 shoots in a single day, and the day, as you can guess, is none other than 10 Oct 2010, comprising of 7 weddings, a family day shoot, and a corporate event! Kudos to all staff who worked really hard to make it happen, and to all our clients who rendered us their fullest support!

Albeit the busy period, we all derive joy from our jobs! One of the recent events that we have done is the VitaminWater Launch at ION Sky on 26 Nov 2010.

VitaminWater is a thirst quencher and as the name suggests, the beverage carries unique combinations of nutrients in various flavours and specific benefits. It might not be the first time that you’ve heard of it, since it has been launched in various countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the USA.

The event started off with an internal launch party in the afternoon, followed by the VitaminWater Media + BFF Launch Party during the evening.

Internal Launch Party





VitaminWater Media + BFF Launch Party





In case you are wondering, yes, these are the exact 4R printouts that were received by the guests. We did customisation such that when our photographers snap 3 shots of the same group of people, these 3 photos will be reflected on a single print-out. What really worked for VitaminWater was the vibrant colours representing the energy that the beverage brings about. It made the photos look really appealing and eye-catching!




While the BFFs of VitaminWater were enjoying their drinks and having fun taking photos in various poses, the entertainment segment continued.














And if you were around ION Orchard during those few days, you might have also seen this:


Have you tried it yet? VitaminWater is now sold at select supermarkets and 7-Eleven stores!

DualTow Watch Event

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The DualTow watch was designed by Christophe Claret which was constructed using several new and innovative mechanisms such as a single-pusher planetary gear chronograph.

On their website ( you can interactively customized each component of the watch such as the strap, colour of the tracks, cogs and case. We took this website and intergrated it with our digital guestbook allowing the guests to customize their watch at the event take this, sign it and have a printout of the to go home with.

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SIA Photobank for Changi T3

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Did a very challenging shoot for Changi Terminal 3 in Dec 2007 just as it was finishing it’s touch up for the opening. Renovation and works were still on-going all around and we had to selectively shift and clean up areas just for the shoot.

SIA T3 1st Class Check in a 0049 Read more »

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World Gourmet Summit with Leica

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Last week, Willy has had the pleasure to conduct a workshop at World Gourmet Summit 2010: An Afternoon of Photography Appreciation with Leica. Together with food stylist, Chef Anderson Ho, they share tips on food photography and styling techniques at Singapore Tourism Board’s Auditorium. Read more »

Audi Fashion Festival

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Here’s Live!Studios at the week-long Audi Fashion Festival!

Jon at Shoot



Willy at Shoot



Lorraine at Shoot



Willy taking Names

Taking down names of the people in the photo, for easy identification and photo retrieval after.


Willy with Photographers

The sea of photographers crowding at the front of the runway.