Willy Foo - CEO and Livestudios Founding Photographer

Willy Foo

CEO, Livestudios
Founding Photographer

Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008
Martell Rising Personalities Award 2008
Judge & Speaker, Young Photographers Convention
Judge & Speaker, NUS Montage Photo Competition
Chief of Photographers, IMF/World Bank Mtgs 2006
Featured Photographer, Arts Central 2006
Action Fashion Photographer, PhotoVideoi Oct 2005
Winner, Life is Great Photo Competition 2005
Featured Photographer, Nikon Focus Oct-Dec 2004
Action Photographer, PHOTOi Aug 2004
Exhibitor, Crossing Bridges 2004, Photo Exhibition
Exhibitor, A European Odyssey Photo Exhibition
Travel Writer & Photographer, Silkwinds
Freelance Writer (Digital Life), Straits Times
Photography Judge for HP, Konica Minolta

CEO and founder of LiveStudios Interactive Photography, Willy’s career took a turn when he decided to turn his photography hobby into a profession in year 2000. Wiring his camera to a notebook carried in a backpack which was then wirelessly transmitted to the projector and web simultaneously, he has won the Martell Rising Personalities Award 2008, Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008, been appointed as the official photographer for APEC CEO Summit 2009 and more recently, Audi Fashion Festival 2010. An avid social media enthusiast, pioneering technopreneur and passionate marketer, he has 12,000 fans following his public profile page on Facebook, 5,000 on his personal profile and running a photography community with another 10,000 members. At the same time, Willy also conducts lessons on digital imaging and photography to impart his knowledge and skills to fellow hobbists.