Nathaniel Marthen’s 8th Birthday

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The LiveStudios team covered Nathaniel’s 7th Birthday at the Raffles Town Club last year with a Star Wars theme. This year, they held it at the Shangri-La Tower Ballroom with a SuperHeroes theme.

MovieMania ( provided the cast of superheroes and villains. The costumes were pretty detailed and they even customised a Batman belt for the birthday boy.


There were several entertainment booths like caricature, face painting, costume, sweets, candy floss, ice cream stations. Each of the stations was attractively designed, kudos to the event organisers Faber Image Media.


Nathaniel demonstrated his martial arts skills on stage for his friends.


The cast did a skit on how the villains invaded Gotham City and Nathaniel summoned the superheroes to save the city.



Nathaniel’s birthday cake was decorated with toys and lots of yummy sweets.


There were many games to entertain the kids and they had lots of fun on stage.



Some of the other entertainers included My Lightning Finger, a balloonist (


And caricature artists who can draw with both hands at the same time.


Those who were not old enough to play with the other kids entertained themselves with the photography and watching the games on stage.


The kids had tons of fun and lots of memories to bring home. Till next year, Happy Birthday Nathaniel!


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