A Celebration of Love: Adrian & Joan

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When someone from the event industry holds a wedding, I hold high expectations for it as it’s the couple’s profession in the first place to organise events.. Adrian and Joan didn’t disappoint at all  :)

 Adrian&Joan - Garden

Adrian being the romantic proposed before on the DHL balloon and they had their solemnisation on it too.

DHL Balloon

There were many surprises that happened at the dinner @ The Fullerton Hotel.
Joan prepared an animation about their love story to surprise Adrian.
Adrian arranged pyrotechnics for the stage.. (Pyros for wedding?? lol.. only an event person would arrange for this)
Joan had a haircut before her 2nd march in
And it was also Joan’s Birthday! 

They have also arranged for “A Little Dream” to perform and we’ve seen them lots of times.. last one was just 2 days ago at Kelvin & Dewi’s wedding at Four Seasons Hotel. Check out their blog entry!

Guests also signed their well-wishers on the digital guestbook.



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  1. Jan Khoo, JK says:

    Aiyoh… why my big pic with joan not there? hee..

  2. jk says:

    HAPPINESS, yo yo yo!

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