Wedding of Randy and HuiFang

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Didn’t get any sleep after the Citibank D&D and had to start shooting for Randy & HuiFang’s wedding at 4am in the morning..
This couple booked myself and another top wedding photographer in Singapore and my good friend and ex-business partner, Jonathan Ho (Joho). They were clever and booked us 18 months in advance.. our prices have probably gone up by 3 times since.

Couple feeling cheery despite the lack of sleep at the break of dawn.
RandyHuifang - Dawn

Randy & HuiFang sharing some sweet quiet moments together
RandyHuifang - Sihlouette

We assured the couple that it doesn’t matter even if it rains, we would be able to create the photo. True enough, it started pouring and we did a quick detour to setup for this shot.
RandyHuifang - CarIllumination

They chose the digital guestbook service for the banquet.
Here’s myself, Randy, Joho and Eric (Joho’s assistant)
RandyHuifang - Guestbook1

Friends and family had fun with the photos and guestbook especially when they were projected on the screen.
By the way, the Hill Top Garden Restaurant at the Civil Service Club in Bukit Batok had a nicely lighted setup great for photography.
They also had 4 big screens around the ballroom to project the photos on.

Even the elders found it easy to use the guestbook.
RandyHuifang - Guestbook3

Here’s our staff helping her to sign on the digital tablet.
RandyHuifang - Guestbook

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